Constroproof offers a host of waterproofing solutions for buildings to guard against moisture and chemicals. Our waterproofing range of products shows long-lasting results on all kinds of application areas.
Waterproofing Foam: Made up of polyethylene, our waterproofing foam product is widely employed in sealing materials for roof and wall panels. The foam is flame-resistant and creates a smooth surface when applied. Terrace Repair Contractors Near Me.
APP Waterproofing Membrane: Our range of APP waterproofing membrane is highly elastic and is available with different types of reinforcements of polyester or glass fibres. Membrane has an easy hot or cold-melting application method, is pollution-free, and ensures a long service life. Waterproofing membranes are best suited for basements, toilets, ponds, car parks, bridges, tunnels, swimming pools, and buildings with frequent structural movements.
Three-layer system with waterproof sheet: The surface to be treated is first applied with crack filling, over which a base waterproofing coating is laid, followed by a membrane waterproof sheet, and finished off by a final coat of waterproofing material.
Six-layer waterproofing system with fibre glass waterproofing sheet: Our nanotechnology and multi-ceramic technology for waterproofing surfaces is especially suited for Indian climatic conditions.
RCC terrace waterproofing treatment: After an initial Prism brush bond coating on the roof’s slab and water ponding test, a 1:4 ratio of brick Bat Tukda with cement mortar and waterproofing admixture of 110mm thickness is applied to the roof slab. This is followed by a 32mm thick IPS cover and a 1-inch-thick cement mortar bedding with dry cement sprinkled over it. A 15-day water ponding test is conducted post the waterproofing technique to test effectiveness.
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