Concrete water tank leak repair

Overhead water tanks are often a source of leakage through the ceiling & bottom. The water from these tanks can enter the slab, beams, columns or brick work of the total building and damage the structure as a whole. Thus it is important to prevent such leakage using Constroproof comprehensive waterproofing product and services.


Underground water tanks are susceptible to water ingress from external sources like surrounding soil as well as soluble salts can infiltrate the tank and cause reinforcement attack if not properly waterproof.

Underground tanks ruins the stylistic theme, helps development of green growth and parasite and prompts debilitating of the structure, waterborne chemicals relocating into a drinking water tank can sully metropolitan water supply especially if the tanks is subterranean. Constroproof comprehensive waterproofing solutions and method can keep your structure free from any harmful attack.

Plastic Water Tank Welding

Method – With the using of hdpe pipe or rod hot air gun.

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